Welcome to Finland, Savonlinna - the heart of the largest lake district in Europe!

Spend a relaxing vacation with family or friends in this beautiful location with the bonus of a fully equipped radio shack!

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Ham Radio Island Vuokalansaari
Lakeland Finland, Savonlinna
The Holiday Rental Cottage
Complete privacy and silence at OH73ELK
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Ham Radio

Amateur Radio Shack located in the quietness of Finnish woods.  You will enjoy a relaxing time with your hobby in a stress and QRM free environment

- Fullsize yagi beam for 20-15-10m bands, 18m mast, built and installed by OH7RM

- Inv-V for 80 m ; Inv-V for 40 m ; GP 40-20 m  ; Inv-V for 17 m

Installation of own antennas is possible for your experiments. Hoisting ropes are already installed.

Radio Shack​:
- transceiver  IC-7300, all HF bands, digital interface included for a variety of digital modes

- rotator Yaesu G-1000DXA

- headset Heil BM-10 iC, footswitch Heil FS-3, CW Key

- SWR&Power Meter Daiwa CN-501H2

- antenna switch RQUAD for 8 antennas

- amplifier  1.5kW  R-140 (GU-43B) : on special agreement

The Region of Saimaa

The region of Savonlinna is the heart of Lake Saimaa. This labyrinth of lakes and islands is the perfect place to relax and be at one with nature.

It is ideal for those who want to enjoy peace and tranquility. Watch the morning sun as it rises above the lush green woodland and sets in the evening over crystal clear water.
Imagine swimming in water that is pure enough to drink! 



The Island

You will have complete privacy offered by the generous 2.5 hectare lot in the tip of the island with its own 300 m shoreline as well as trails in the woods.

After a day of communicating on the Amateur Radio bands, you can relax in a traditional Finnish wooden sauna located only 10 m from the lake.

Every season in Finland has its own charm. Take a look at the photographs and see for yourself, beginning with winter!

Here you will have an unforgettable Ham Radio Holiday!

For Amateur Radio Tourism there are WWFF sites and SOTA spots at our lake or in close vicinity.

Mosquitos - only 2 weeks a year or on request ;-)

QRA:  KP42NG (385 km from Helsinki Vantaa airport, via the road E75)

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OH73ELK cottage in winter
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The Cottage

A lovely traditional wooden cottage built by Honka with all modern conveniences.

This rental QTH is available for up to 6 persons all year round. 

The price of the cottage rental is standard for this region, but it changes depending on the duration and time of year of your stay and how many guests you have. Use of the sauna, grill, firewood, Yamaha motor boat, fishing poles and other perks are included in the price. Unlimited Wi-Fi is also included.

There is no additional charge for the use of Ham Shack. 

Please send any questions (GER/ENG) to info@OH73ELK.net  and you will receive a personal message from the owner.

3D virtual tour  (made by Gert-Jan, PE2W)

Video tour of Amateur Radio rental QTH



About us and this project

Hi, we are Raisa and Alex. We would be happy to help you with any information you might need about your stay here in Finland. 

Jukka Heikinheimo OH2BR can provide you with any additional information about this project from his own experience.

Here are OH73ELK  Facebook page and YouTube account

YL Raisa created an own Youtube Channel:  "My way to Ham Radio: Step by Step"   

We specialize also in Amateur Radio Direction Finding (see our ARDF-videos), also called Radio Orienteering, and participate in international competitions in this adventurous sport combining technical knowledge and fitness.

73 from the Land of Elks and Lakes

P.S.  Elk is one of the national symbols of Finland. The new сallsign OH73ELK symbolizes this beautiful animal ;-)