Amateur Radio Island

OH73ELK Transceiver

Welcome to Finland, Savonlinna - the heart of the largest lake district in Europe!

Spend a relaxing vacation with family or friends in this beautiful location with the bonus of a fully equipped radio shack!
OH73ELK Radio Shack Equipment

Ham Radio

The OH73ELK Ham Holiday Shack located in the quietness of Finnish woods.  You will enjoy a relaxing time with your hobby in a stress free and QRM free environment

- Fullsize yagi beam 20-15-10m bands, built and installed by OH7RM

- Inv-V 160 m, Inv-V 80 m (+17 m); Inv-V 40 m; Inv-V 30 m ; GP 40-20 m, GP 40 m elevated.

Installation of own antennas is possible for your experiments. Hoisting ropes are already installed.

Radio Shack​:
- transceiver  IC-7300, all HF bands, digital interface included for a variety of digital modes

- desktop mic ICOM SM30, Headsets : HEIL PROSET IC, HEIL  BM-10 iC, footswitch HEIL FS-3

- CW Key (OH73ELK special edition) made by RA1AOM : base is made out of Ural stone, the mechanism has a magnetic return

- SWR&Power Meter Daiwa CN-501H2, antenna switch RQUAD for 8 antennas; rotator Yaesu G-1000DXA

- amplifier 1.5 kW R-140 : on special agreement

Contest Call: OG7Z

OH73ELK Island - QRM free

Yagi 20/15/10 for DX


Our new CW Paddle

In the heart of OH73ELK

Ham Radio Amplifier R-140

Jukka OH2BR

to sleep in the Shack ;-)

Fullsize yagi beam

Installation of InvV

Hoisting ropes prepared for your ANT experiments

Antenna switcher outsides the house

YL RAISA with our new QSL

OE5NRF Maxi in the Shack

Icom SM 30

The Region of Saimaa

1 / 4
Lake Saimaa: Kolovesi national park
2 / 4
Savonlinna - the pearl of Lake Saimaa
3 / 4
The charms of small Finnish lakes
4 / 4
The biggest rainbow I've ever seen

The region of Savonlinna is the heart of Lake Saimaa. This labyrinth of lakes and islands is the perfect place to relax and be at one with nature.

It is ideal for those who want to enjoy peace and tranquility. Watch the morning sun as it rises above the lush green woodland and sets in the evening over crystal clear water.
Imagine swimming in water that is pure enough to drink! 


Savonranta (nearest village) =13 km : local supermarket (food and household items), restaurant, pharmacy, petrol station.

Savonlinna (Capital of Saimaa Lake District) = 67 km

Other nearest places of interest 

How to find OH73ELK (detailed information)


The Island

You will have complete privacy offered by the generous 4.5 hectare lot in the tip of the island with its own 800 m shoreline as well as trails in the woods.

For Amateur Radio Tourism there are very interesting WWFF sites and SOTA spots near our lake or in close vicinity.

After a day On Air, you can relax in a traditional Finnish wooden sauna located only 10 m from the lake.

Every season in Finland has its own charm. Take a look at the photographs and see for yourself, beginning with winter!

Here you will have an unforgettable Ham Radio Holiday!

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OH73ELK cottage in winter
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Enjoy the silence of winter
3 / 18
Finnish outdoor activity
4 / 18
The dry climate doesn’t feel as cold
5 / 18
After the great Pile-Up you can relaxe in Finnish sauna
6 / 18
Barbeque is possible year round - also during winter!
7 / 18
Spring in Finland! The ice is melting and birds are chirping.
8 / 18
Endless summer days
9 / 18
Water so pure you can drink it!
10 / 18
keep balance is not easy
11 / 18
Local strawberries ...
12 / 18
Midsummer is one of Finland’s major holidays.
13 / 18
The local boletus edulis is the most popular mushroom in this region
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You can barbeque a few meters from the lake.
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During sunrise or sunset you can work with DX or … go swimming!!!
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Autumn from the window of Ham holiday cottage
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Autumn is a quiet season, but not on Ham Radio bands
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Cozy evenings......

The Cottage

A lovely traditional wooden holiday cottage built by Honka with all modern conveniences.

This rental QTH is available for up to 6 persons all year round. 

Sleeping areas: downstairs - the first separate bedroom + sofa bed in the living room. The second separate bedroom is available on special agreement.

Upstairs - one more separate bedroom with Radio Shack.

The price of the cottage rental changes depending on the duration and time of year of your stay and how many guests you have.

Unlimited Wi-Fi (50 Mbps), Smart TV, use of the separate sauna, Grill-Pavillon, firewood, Boat (Yamaha motor on agreement), SUP board, fishing poles and other perks are included in the price.

No additional charge for the use of Ham Shack. 

Please send any questions (GER/ENG) to  and you will receive a personal message from us.

3D virtual tour  (made by Gert-Jan, PE2W)

The living room

Double height spacious living area and kitchen

Here you can relax in front of the fireplace

The kitchen

The bathroom

The first bedroom downstairs

The second bedroom downstairs

The second bedroom downstairs

The stairs to the second floor

The third bedroom upstairs (here also Radio Shack)

The Finnish original fireplace

Video tour of Amateur Radio rental QTH


1213 QSO in WAG Contest 2021
17 October 2021
Congratulation to our current German guests - multi operator team: Ric DL2VFR, Friedrich DL4BBH and Klaus DL7UXG. They participated from the ELK Shack with our contest call OG7Z! WAG Contest means "Worked All Germany" . Waiting for the official results!
DX holiday in Finland for the second time
01 October 2021
Our regular guests Mario JE1ABU & Yukari made the long journey from Tokyo to OH73ELK again. This time, they not only drank coffee in the boat, but also mastered swimming on the sup board :-) Now all vaccinated people from any country can enter Finland without tests/restrictions !
The ELK is On the Air again!
28 July 2021
Since July 27, 2021, Finland has removed most of the border restrictions (there are practically no restrictions for vaccinated tourists at all)! We are pleased with the third visit of Ric DL2VFR and his son Ole to the ELK-land. Ric will be QRV from 40m to 10m until the end of July
Finland made it much easier for tourists to enter
02 July 2021
Finland lifted most of the travel restrictions from July 1 for European tourists. Also for some other countries with a good epidemic situation. We hope our Yagi will start rotating regularly again soon. Ham guests from Germany, Japan and the Czech Republic are expected in the coming weeks.
The ELK-island remains uninhabited.
08 May 2021
The situation is improving, in Finland a third of the population has already been vaccinated, and 70% of immunization is expected by August 2021. We hope that Finland will soon open to tourists. In the meantime, our local Finnish friends are watching the house, everything is in order, but they say that the birds have built a nest on the Yagi antenna ;-)
OH73ELK QSL Version 2020-2021
10 April 2021
We apologize to everyone who sent us a QSL and did not receive our answer. All cards are stored in the Finnish QSL bureau and will be answered by us as soon as the restrictions are lifted. Here you see the current OH73ELK QSL (Version 2.0)
First Guests from JAPAN discover ELK-island
15 September 2020
Thanks to Mario (JE1ABU) & Yukari the way to our island is laid not only from the West, but also from the East. Our DX-guests spent 10 days on the island in complete natural "isolation" (swimming, boating, sauna, barbeque, picking and cooking mushrooms and berries), and of course, working On The Air. You can look at their very detailed feedback in REVIEWS section in Japanese ;-)
OH73ELK is QRV again !
17 July 2020
Finally, ham guests at our island! After a long covid-break came Ric DL2VFR with family. He will be QRV until the end of July on all bands as OH73ELK and OH/DL2VFR, including, portable activating several new Flora Fauna points nearby! Everyone, who needs a QSO with our station for the ELK-AWARD - catch Ric! He will mostly work CW.
03 April 2020
It was a challenge for YL Raisa to work in this Contest as Single Operator Low Power with the "difficult" Call OH73ELK. Our short Call OG7Z would match better but she likes Elks ;-) Hopefully before the next CQ WW Contests 2020 all Corona Virus restrictions will be canceled and our station will take part again, may be still as OG7Z ;-)
On Air from Finnish Sauna ?!
28 February 2020
SAUNA SHACK? A new idea and future option for our Ham Guests! In the Sauna building there is a separate isolated room, where we plan to install an additional small Shack, with a folding sofa for those who (in summer) want to sleep there at night. We will do next steps to implement this idea in Summer 2020 (installation of antennas and equipment there).
Our new "thickened" GP for 40 meter band
08 February 2020
This special Ground Plane antenna consists of eight wires vertical element 20 cm diameter and 12 m. long, capacitor for reactive compensation in series with the vertical element; 4 wires horizontally symmetrical resonant counterpoises 3 m. above ground. So that Elks can freely pass under it :-) SWR less than 1:1.1 in the range 7.0 to 7.3 MHz. Thanks to RA1AMO for help.
Our Site's Сhef is preparing for new challenges
28 December 2019
This is our friend and a very brave man Yuri Zagranichny. It was he who made this main site of OH73ELK! And after hard work, he cooled a little in the lake directly opposite the ELK's Sauna. By the way, in 2020, Yuri plans to manage it so that everyone can see here online when YL Raisa or our Ham guests go On Air from OH73ELK Shack and on what frequency!
The second run of ELK-AWARDs available
20 November 2019
The First print run (100 pieces) of ELK AWARD was sent to Radio Amateurs in 27 countries within a few months! The new run of Awards with a hologram on the Callsign is received from the printing house. The Award Manager YL Raisa continues to process new applications. Take a look for more details in the "ELK AWARD" section of our site.
A new exclusive ELK-paddle in our Shack
08 November 2019
Now our guests CW Lovers can taste the new paddle. This special "ELK-edition" is produced for us by RA1AOM in St.Petersburg. He used 50 hours for this work. Everything is made of stainless steel and polished by hand. The base is made of jasper.
HEIL PROSET IC - a new option for our ham guests
02 November 2019
now each of our guests has a choice: to work with microphones or with headsets: light Headset HEIL BM-10 or a new one: HEIL PROSET IC
New desktop mic Icom SM 30
10 October 2019
For more comfort during prolonged Pile-Ups in OH73ELK Shack in addition to the standard Icom microphone we have now the new desktop mic SM 30! With this microphone we have got an excellent modulation quality!
Ahr-Rotwein Diplom for our Shack
29 September 2019
A nice surprise from our Ham Guests DG1FN Peter and DF1PY Stephan. Working for a week from OH73ELK Shack, they fulfilled the conditions of an unusual diploma - "Ahr-Rotwein Diplom"! This is the First German Award of our young station! We will celebrate this event with an attached bottle of wine: "Ahr-Rotwein"!
The youngest Operator of OH73ELK Shack
25 September 2019
OE6PGM Gerhard with family was staying at OH73ELK island for a week as First OM from Austria. He took also OE5NRF Maximilian (14) with him. Despite his age, Maxi is very deeply versed in all the technical details of our hobby and he was very active On Air. For now it is the youngest Ham Operator of our Shack!
CQ WPX SSB 2019 Results
05 September 2019
WPX SSB 2019 was the First Contest for our Team! We are happy with this result, although now we know how we could get more QSO and points. At WPX 2020 our Station OH73ELK will be presented as follow: SSB: Rudi ON7CL & Team; CW: G4DBL Tim & Team ! We will cheer for our guests!
Rene DL2JRM and XYL Anett DO6XX On Air
30 August 2019
Our current guests Rene DL2JRM with XYL Anett DO6XX added something new to the history of OH73ELK Radio Cottage : First time in RTTY, First time on 24 MHz... and tomorrow, Anett will take part in the HSW Contest with our brand new Сall OG7Z in SSB mode. (Rene will run CW). This Contest Call will be for the First time On Air!
OG7Z - Our New Vanity Contest Call !!!
21 August 2019
We are pleased to announce: our QTH received an additional Short Contest Call: OG7Z ! Welcome to use it !
The First OM from France came to visit our island
30 July 2019
David, F4EPU with his family is staying at OH73ELK now. They left France just when it was 43 degrees Celsius there!!! David is On Air (mostly 20m) as OH73ELK Second Operator and he has already added some rare DXs to our general log ;-)
Brothers OH2BR+OH2BAD visiting Elk
16 July 2019
Miika OH2BAD with XYL Raili and his brother Jukka OH2BR with XYL Loretta OH2BG are staying at Amateur Radio Island for a week. OH73ELK will be on Air with theirs voices in the coming days.
Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2019
25 June 2019
They visited the Amateur Radio Island at different times, but they all met together at the OH73ELK Stand in Friedrichshafen! On the photo: OH2BR, UB1AOA, DL2VFR, PE2W ! Thank you for your support at the exhibition! It was amazing atmosphere there!
New classy CW key at the OH73ELK Shack
15 June 2019
A nice gift from our guest from Belgium, OO7J. Thank you, Christoph!
News from our Shack Library
23 April 2019
Thanks to our German Guest Ric DL2VFR for the great present - all his famous books about Ham Radio (DARC Verlag)! These books will be available in OH73ELK Shack forever!
First Time in СQ WPX CONTEST as "MULTI-ONE"!
06 April 2019
Our goal was to make 1000 QSO and we did it right before the end of time limit.Thanks to Gert-Jan PE2W for his idea about WPX and for joining our team! Here is a short movie report from YL RAISA :
Mini Music Studio of OH73ELK
05 February 2019
For our guests who want to make some music in between Work On the Air ;-)
Elks1 ELKs come for a visit OH73ELK
26 November 2018
Three unlicensed Elks wanted to work on the Air as DX operators of OH73ELK !

YL Raisa made a video, how they are swimmimg to our island 

GP for 40/20 m GP 20/40 m
20 September 2018
GP 40/20 m is installed as an alternative to the Inv. V for 40 m and as survey antenna for 20 m, SWR is under 1.5 in whole band. Compared with Inv V this new GP 40 m should be better for DX stations. We will check it ;-)
Boletus Edulis at OH73ELK Boletus edulis
04 September 2018
Many Boletus Edulis ( (English: penny bun, cep, porcino or porcini)) have grown in our forest! And some grew right near the pier! It was possible to observe the growth rate of the fungus every day :-)
Incredible Summer 2018
29 August 2018
The second half of the summer of 2018 in Finland was so warm that the water in our lake warmed up to 25 degrees and 26.5 near the shorline! And even at the end of August it was possible to swim for a long time.
OH73ELK at Nordic Radio Orienteering Championship Nordic ARDF Championsship 2018
05 August 2018
OH73ELK participated in ARDF competition in Rassepori. Keijo Lehtosaari OH2ETM organized very interesting distances. Thanks to the rocks relief and rain, the signal at 144 MHz was often reflected: not easy to find all foxes quickly :-)
QSL OH73ELK OH73ELK new QSL cards
11 July 2018
The first thousand QSL-cards are newly-printed. We will reply to all who will send us their QSL: DIRECT or via BUREAU. The first few hundred of our cards have already been sent via Bureau (thanks to Jukka OH2BR). Our first received DX QSL was from VP8LP Bob from Falkland Islands!


85 DXCC Countries in 6 days

The stay is a unique experience, we spent a week with XYL in the ELK cottage and it is an ideal choice for anyone who loves peace, solitude and beautiful nature. Ham radio equipment is the dream of every radioamateur, 3-3-5 el yagi, vertical and inverted vee antennas  with a 1.5 kW PA allowed me to do 85 DXCC Countries in 6 days ! 

We can highly recommend. 73 de Vlad, OK2WX

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OH73ELK, syncing the nature and QSO

CQ, CQ, CQ, dear fellow hams! OH73ELK holiday was my dream come true.

This QTH has a crystal clear reception, QRM is unbelievably low if at all. Even without the power amp I was responded from several countries and continents by the first call; after sauna & lake, with very good reports.

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Funkerparadies im Winter in Finnland

Zwei Wochen Ferien in Finnland bei OH73ELK, Traumferien im finnischen Winter, ein gemütliches, warmes Haus, bestens eingerichtete Küche und noch viel schöner: eine traumhafte Funkstation. 

Bei klirrender Kälte und zugefrorenem See genossen wir zwei Wochen in der Abgeschiedenheit von Finnland, auf einer Insel, alleine!

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What a week!

Have 100% fell in love with this place! The cottage is just fantastic and its location is stunning!! Both Alex and Raisa have thought of everything and nothing is too much hassle. Great place to get away from it all, and has an amazing Amature Radio station to communicate to the world for those who have a licence. This place would be great for winter or a summer stay, so is really an all year destination. We are already looking at dates to come back. As they say '73' for now..... But we will be back soon!! 73, M0BLH

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Scandinavian Activity Contest SSB 2019

For the Scandinavian Activity Contest SSB 2019 Guenther DG7EE, Daniel DJ4MF and Rene DL2JRM went to OH73ELK in October.

Just for an Extended Weekend but with a lot of fun. We enjoyed the Autumn in Finland and the Sauna beside the Contest. With the Contest Callsign OG7Z we hopefully got a good place in the competition with all the Big Gun!

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The Station became not cold ​

We spent Two Wonderful Weeks in the most Beautiful Cottage @ OH73ELK.

Silence, mushrooms, swimming, fishing and the perfect Environment made everything to a relaxed hollyday.

The Station became not cold and a few more contacts has been taken.

For sure we will come back soon!

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An idyllic place that inspires calm and tranquility 

(s."read more" for the Spanish version)

Location, house itself and radio equipment are spectacular! The cottage is located in a forest, witch is on an island in a huge area with hundreds
of lakes... An idyllyc place that inspires calm and tranquility, as well as beauty wherever you look. The house is perfectly prepared for living and I
have to say it is very welcoming. You can see it in the photos, but in reality it is even better and more beautiful!

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Ein (Funk-) Paradies im Norden Europas: OH73ELK

Statt im 40m-Band mit S7 bis S9 QRM Pegel im Linzer Industriegebiet nun doch nur unterhalb von S1 das Rauschen zu hören ist ein tolles Empfangserlebnis auf der Insel in Finnland bei OH73ELK. Auch Maximilian (14) vom vergangenen Amateurfunkkurs konnte mitfahren. Derzeit ist OE5NRF der jüngste Funkamateur Österreichs und auch der jüngste Funkamateur an der Station von OH73ELK. Eine SOTA Aktivierung durfte in OH nicht fehlen: OH/JS-053, Pekkolanmäki – 202m   73! OE6PGM Gerhard

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Privater HAM Contest von ELK aus

Das Erste was uns überrascht hat beim ELK, ist die Ruhe! Nach dem Alltagstress und Hamburg-Tempo, konnte sich meine Familie wundern und freuen! Eine weitere Überraschung - fast gleiche Ruhe, wenn man Transceiver hört (kein QRM). Was mich noch in Finnland wundert, dass solche Ecken mit jungfräulicher Natur immer noch auf der Erde existieren! Noch vor der Reise kam ich zu Idee von ELK aus einen kleinen privaten Contest mit den OMs aus meinem Amateurfunkclub (DL0AT E13) zu machen.Gesagt - getan!

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CQ from the Elks

Earlier this year, I stumbled over a rather unique and funny call-sign, OH73ELK. After a quick research on the net it became clear that this is a station located in the beautiful Lake District of Finland, in the Savonlinna region, and that this station can be rented for a DX holiday. I quickly contact the owners, Alex and Raisa (home call: UB1AOA), and, after checking holiday possibilities with QRL, we quickly agreed on a week in late April 2019, and Alex and Raisa added that they would be happy to have the First ham operator visiting from Belgium

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We hear just the noise of trees...

We have pass one funny week in Finland. The cottage of Raisa and Alex is located inside the wood outside the village.
It a very quiet place. We hear just the noise of trees leaf and the wind noise, nothing else. The region is touristic and lot of stuffs are to be discover.The Ham shack is well appointed and you don't miss to make nice QSO. 

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Message from Miika, OH2BAD and XYL Raili:

Recovering from the annual Finnish SRAL national Field Day is always a big challenge. This year (2019) we were 857 people present at OH3W, trying to remember faces and connect them with names and voices. In 58 years of active participation it has become almost a stress and you deserve a total relaxation after such a week-end! 

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6 wonderful days at OH73ELK cottage

I have been hamradio operator for almost 33 years and have never thought to operate on such beautiful scenery and station in my life.

My wife and I arrived on the 5th July to OH73ELK cottage and for us was our first time in Scandinavia, first time in Finland and first time we rented a car (I do not like to drive, that’s the reason that I mention it here).

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Fantastic opportunity to combine my love of exploring the world and my lifelong interest in radio 

Thanks to Alex and Raisa, OH73ELK Radio Island has giving me a fantastic opportunity to combine my love of exploring parts of the world that I have not visited before and my lifelong interest in radio. Their holiday home is amazing. The forest and lakeside location is breathtaking and the relaxed and peaceful way of life is a million miles away from what I'm used to back in England. It is truly fantastic.

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World Wide Flora & Fauna near OH73ELK-island: first ever activity from OHFF-0091

When I booked my vacation at the OH73ELK-QTH I was focused on having some holidays right in the middle of nowhere together with my 10 years old son Ole. Planning what to do I could not resist to have a look on spots to activate with my radio gear. Nowadays in all dense populated areas and even a bit outside you are faced to any kind of disturbances on the radio bands. Beside the chance to work from an area that would be almost free of man-made or any industrial noise I became interested in if there would be any spot to activate

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My DX experience as Dutch ham station PA3FTP

And then it's that time again, the holiday expedition to Finland is over. OH73ELK was a great experience. Both as a holiday destination but especially a new experience as a radio amateur. From 20 to 26 May I have been QRV almost daily for one or more hours at 10, 20 and 40 meter SSB. I worked in many new countries that I found in NL much more difficult or possibly just not working, such as Australia, Japan, Taiwan or Uruguay to name but a few, also 5 or 10 watt QRP stations that just arrive in Finland 5-9 +. If the frequency is empty noise less than 1 s point, delicious.

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My family loves Finland very much. We love for pristine nature and special atmosphere, which is only here. In Finland I “charge my batteries” for Moscow bustle..We know Alex and Raisa because we take part in international ARDF competitions together. During our last trip to Finland, I was glad to have to visit the hospitable Ham Radio Shack and to work On The Air with the Prefix OH/R2AOI  and also as OH73ELK. There is also a great place to train in ARDF, it remains to draw a map :). This, apparently, is Alex’s next step in popularizing the radiosport.

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This year I wanted a special holiday. I was looking for an holiday that could combine my OM needs as well as the needs of my family.

I wanted to be able to play with Hamradio because at my QTH condition are not great, because during the year personal impediment did not allow me to be an active OM.

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OH73ELK is a wonderful amateur station! Thanks to the hospitality, we (PE2W and YL) spend a couple of nights and enjoyed the environment and the radio station and the fabulous antenna's. Made some nice DX's Japan, South Cook Islands, Ascension Island, South Korea. If you wanna enjoy the silence, nature and enjoy the HAM radio, this is the place to be! P.S. I made a 3D virtual tour about the place of our Ham holiday 73, de PE2W

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We have visited holiday cottage OH73ELK twice during 2018. The first time was in June. In instance we fell in love with the cottage and the surrounding nature where main elements are pure water lake and peninsula of an island. The radio station with its tower and antennas has been professionally built having in mind maximum comfort for the licensed guests. More antennas and accessories are in the works :)

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About us and this project

YL Raisa

Hi, we are Raisa and Alex. We would be happy to help you  with any information you might need about your stay in Finland. 

We both are Radio Amateurs and specialize also in ARDF - an adventurous Radiosport combining technical knowledge and fitness.

Take a look at: - a personal project of YL Raisa to demonstrate that our hobby is modern, fascinating and not only for men. Raisa wants her contribution go towards helping Ham Radio grow and become more popular around the world.

OH73ELK Facebook - a Community Page of Amateur Radio Island.

73 from the Land of Elks and Lakes!

P.S.  Elk is one of the national symbols of Finland. The new сallsign OH73ELK symbolizes this beautiful animal ;-)