Amateur Radio Insel

OH73ELK Transceiver

Willkommen in Finnland, Savonlinna, dem größten Seengebiet in Europa.

Verbringen Sie Ihren Urlaub mit Familie oder Freunden an diesem romantischen Ort mit einer kompletter Amateurfunkausrüstung.
OH73ELK Radio Shack Equipment


Die Amateurfunkstation steht in den ruhigen Finnischen Wäldern. Stress und QRM gibt es hier nicht. Verbringen sie eine entspannte Zeit mit Ihrem Hobby!


Eigene Antennenexperimente sind möglich.

Die Station:

1,5-kW-Endstufe R-140 (erfordert spezielle Vereinbarung)

OH73ELK Island - QRM free location

Yagi 20-15-10 works for DX vacation

Ham Rental Shack inside

In the heart of OH73ELK

Ham Radio Amplifier (max.1.5kW)

Jukka OH2BR - first visit at OH73ELK

The entrance to the OH73ELK Shack upstairs

The Radio Shack is the third bedroom

Fullsize yagi beam for 20-15-10m Ham bands

OH7RM Pekka - mast specialist

GP as an alternative antenna for 40m/20m

Installation of 40m Inverted V

Installation of 80m Inverted V

1:1 Current Balun for 80m band

Hoisting ropes for your own antennas

Hoisting ropes at a height of 15 meters

Antenna switcher

Das Seenland Saimaa

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Lake Saimaa: Kolovesi national park
2 / 4
Savonlinna - the pearl of Lake Saimaa
3 / 4
The charms of small Finnish lakes
4 / 4
The biggest rainbow I've ever seen

Savonlinna ist das Zentrum des Saimaa-Seengebiets. Das Labyrinth aus Seen und Inseln eignet sich perfekt, um in der Natur beim Amateurfunk Urlaub zu entspannen.

Hier können sie in friedlicher Atmosthäre genießen, wenn die Sonne über den Bäumen aufgeht und im kristallklaren Wasser wieder versinkt.

Stellen sie sich vor, in Wasser von Trinkwasserqualität zu schwimmen!



How to find OH73ELK (detaillierte Informationen)

Die Insel

Auf dem 2,5 Hektar großen Grundstück an der Spitze der Insel stört Sie niemand. 300 m eigenes Ufer und diverse Pfade durch den Wald. Nach einem Tag Betrieb an der Amateurfunkstation können Sie in eine traditionelle, finnische, mit Holz geheizte Sauna steigen. Die liegt nur 10 m vom Ufer entfernt.

An unserem See und in der Umgebung sind einige WWFF Punkte und auch SOTA.
Jede Saison hat in Finnland ihren eigenen Reiz. Die Bilder geben Ihnen einen ersten Eindruck, angefangen im Winter.

Verbringen Sie hier unvergessliche Amateurfunk-Ferien!

... und wegen "Mückenplage" - OH73ELK ist nicht am Nordkap, sondern viel südlicher und im Kiefernwald. Mücken sind hier nur ein Paar Wochen im Jahr mal am Abend aktiv. Das Haus hat Moskitonetze an allen Fenstern. 


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OH73ELK cottage in winter
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Enjoy the silence of winter
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The dry climate doesn’t feel as cold
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After the great Pile-Up you can relaxe in Finnish sauna
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Barbeque is possible year round - also during winter!
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Spring in Finland! The ice is melting and birds are chirping.
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Endless summer days
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Water so pure you can drink it!
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keep balance is not easy
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Local strawberries ...
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Midsummer is one of Finland’s major holidays.
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The local boletus edulis is the most popular mushroom in this region
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You can barbeque a few meters from the lake.
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During sunrise or sunset you can work with DX or … go swimming!!!
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Autumn from the window of Ham holiday cottage
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Autumn is a quiet season, but not on Ham Radio bands
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Cozy evenings......

Das Ferienhaus

Dieses modern ausgestattete Ferienhaus ist 100 m2 groß und wurde 2007 von Honka errichtet, einem weltweit bekannten Spezialisten für Holzhäuser. Das Ferienhaus bietet Platz für max. 6 Personen und steht rund um das Jahr für Amateurfunk Ferien zur Verfügung.

Die Preisgestaltung hängt von Aufenthaltsdauer, Jahreszeit und Zahl der Gäste ab. Nutzung von separater Sauna und Grill Pavillon samt Brennholz sind im Preis eingeschlossen, genau wie Gebrauch des Yamaha-Motorboots, SUP-Board, Fischangeln, Smart TV und andere Annehmlichkeiten. Auch unbegrenzte WLAN-Nutzung (50 Mbit/s) und Strom sind eingeschlossen.

Die Amateurfunk Ausrüstung kann kostenlos genutzt werden. Sendebetrieb ist natürlich lizensierten Funkamateuren vorbehalten.

Das Ferienhaus kann nur direkt gemietet werden. Bitte schicken Sie eine Mail, deutsch oder englisch, an

Eine persönliche Antwort kommt von uns.

The living room

Double height spacious living area and kitchen

Here you can relax in front of the fireplace

The kitchen

The bathroom

The first bedroom downstairs

The second bedroom downstairs

The second bedroom downstairs

The stairs to the second floor

The third bedroom upstairs (here also Radio Shack)

The Finnish original fireplace

Videotour durch das Ferienhaus mit Amateurfunk


The First OM from France came to visit our island
30 Juli 2019
David, F4EPU with his family is staying at OH73ELK now. They left France just when it was 43 degrees Celsius there!!! David is On Air (mostly 20m) as OH73ELK Second Operator and he has already added some rare DXs to our general log ;-)
Brothers OH2BR+OH2BAD visiting Elk
16 Juli 2019
Miika OH2BAD with XYL Raili and his brother Jukka OH2BR with XYL Loretta OH2BG are staying at Amateur Radio Island for a week. OH73ELK will be on Air with theirs voices in the coming days.
Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2019
25 Juni 2019
They visited the Amateur Radio Island at different times, but they all met together at the OH73ELK Stand in Friedrichshafen! On the photo: OH2BR, UB1AOA, DL2VFR, PE2W ! Thank you for your support at the exhibition! It was amazing atmosphere there!
New classy CW key at the OH73ELK Shack
15 Juni 2019
A nice gift from our guest from Belgium, OO7J. Thank you, Christoph!
News from our Shack Library
23 April 2019
Thanks to our German Guest Ric DL2VFR for the great present - all his famous books about Ham Radio (DARC Verlag)! These books will be available in OH73ELK Shack forever!
First Time in СQ WPX CONTEST as "MULTI-ONE"!
06 April 2019
Our goal was to make 1000 QSO and we did it right before the end of time limit.Thanks to Gert-Jan PE2W for his idea about WPX and for joining our team! Here is a short movie report from YL RAISA :
Mini Music Studio of OH73ELK
05 Februar 2019
For our guests who want to make some music in between Work On the Air ;-)
Elks1 ELKs come for a visit OH73ELK
26 November 2018
Three unlicensed Elks wanted to work on the Air as DX operators of OH73ELK !

YL Raisa made a video, how they are swimmimg to our island 

GP for 40/20 m GP 20/40 m
20 September 2018
GP 40/20 m is installed as an alternative to the Inv. V for 40 m and as survey antenna for 20 m, SWR is under 1.5 in whole band. Compared with Inv V this new GP 40 m should be better for DX stations. We will check it ;-)
Boletus Edulis at OH73ELK Boletus edulis
04 September 2018
Many Boletus Edulis ( (English: penny bun, cep, porcino or porcini)) have grown in our forest! And some grew right near the pier! It was possible to observe the growth rate of the fungus every day :-)
Incredible Summer 2018
29 August 2018
The second half of the summer of 2018 in Finland was so warm that the water in our lake warmed up to 25 degrees and 26.5 near the shorline! And even at the end of August it was possible to swim for a long time.
OH73ELK at Nordic Radio Orienteering Championship Nordic ARDF Championsship 2018
05 August 2018
OH73ELK participated in ARDF competition in Rassepori. Keijo Lehtosaari OH2ETM organized very interesting distances. Thanks to the rocks relief and rain, the signal at 144 MHz was often reflected: not easy to find all foxes quickly :-)
QSL OH73ELK OH73ELK new QSL cards
11 Juli 2018
The first thousand QSL-cards are newly-printed. We will reply to all who will send us their QSL: DIRECT or via BUREAU. The first few hundred of our cards have already been sent via Bureau (thanks to Jukka OH2BR). Our first received DX QSL was from VP8LP Bob from Falkland Islands!


We have visited holiday cottage OH73ELK twice during 2018. The first time was in June. In instance we fell in love with the cottage and the surrounding nature where main elements are pure water lake and peninsula of an island. The radio station with its tower and antennas has been professionally built having in mind maximum comfort for the licensed guests. More antennas and accessories are in the works :)

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OH73ELK is a wonderful amateur station! Thanks to the hospitality, we (PE2W and YL) spend a couple of nights and enjoyed the environment and the radio station and the fabulous antenna's. Made some nice DX's Japan, South Cook Islands, Ascension Island, South Korea. If you wanna enjoy the silence, nature and enjoy the HAM radio, this is the place to be! P.S. I made a 3D virtual tour about the place of our Ham holiday 73, de PE2W

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This year I wanted a special holiday. I was looking for an holiday that could combine my OM needs as well as the needs of my family.

I wanted to be able to play with Hamradio because at my QTH condition are not great, because during the year personal impediment did not allow me to be an active OM.

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My family loves Finland very much. We love for pristine nature and special atmosphere, which is only here. In Finland I “charge my batteries” for Moscow bustle..We know Alex and Raisa because we take part in international ARDF competitions together. During our last trip to Finland, I was glad to have to visit the hospitable Ham Radio Shack and to work On The Air with the Prefix OH/R2AOI  and also as OH73ELK. There is also a great place to train in ARDF, it remains to draw a map :). This, apparently, is Alex’s next step in popularizing the radiosport.

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My DX experience as Dutch ham station PA3FTP

And then it's that time again, the holiday expedition to Finland is over. OH73ELK was a great experience. Both as a holiday destination but especially a new experience as a radio amateur. From 20 to 26 May I have been QRV almost daily for one or more hours at 10, 20 and 40 meter SSB. I worked in many new countries that I found in NL much more difficult or possibly just not working, such as Australia, Japan, Taiwan or Uruguay to name but a few, also 5 or 10 watt QRP stations that just arrive in Finland 5-9 +. If the frequency is empty noise less than 1 s point, delicious.

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World Wide Flora & Fauna near OH73ELK-island: first ever activity from OHFF-0091

When I booked my vacation at the OH73ELK-QTH I was focused on having some holidays right in the middle of nowhere together with my 10 years old son Ole. Planning what to do I could not resist to have a look on spots to activate with my radio gear. Nowadays in all dense populated areas and even a bit outside you are faced to any kind of disturbances on the radio bands. Beside the chance to work from an area that would be almost free of man-made or any industrial noise I became interested in if there would be any spot to activate

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Fantastic opportunity to combine my love of exploring the world and my lifelong interest in radio 

Thanks to Alex and Raisa, OH73ELK Radio Island has giving me a fantastic opportunity to combine my love of exploring parts of the world that I have not visited before and my lifelong interest in radio. Their holiday home is amazing. The forest and lakeside location is breathtaking and the relaxed and peaceful way of life is a million miles away from what I'm used to back in England. It is truly fantastic.

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6 wonderful days at OH73ELK cottage

I have been hamradio operator for almost 33 years and have never thought to operate on such beautiful scenery and station in my life.

My wife and I arrived on the 5th July to OH73ELK cottage and for us was our first time in Scandinavia, first time in Finland and first time we rented a car (I do not like to drive, that’s the reason that I mention it here).

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Message from Miika, OH2BAD and XYL Raili:

Recovering from the annual Finnish SRAL national Field Day is always a big challenge. This year (2019) we were 857 people present at OH3W, trying to remember faces and connect them with names and voices. In 58 years of active participation it has become almost a stress and you deserve a total relaxation after such a week-end! 

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We hear just the noise of trees...

We have pass one funny week in Finland. The cottage of Raisa and Alex is located inside the wood outside the village.
It a very quiet place. We hear just the noise of trees leaf and the wind noise, nothing else. The region is touristic and lot of stuffs are to be discover.The Ham shack is well appointed and you don't miss to make nice QSO. 

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Zu uns und zum Projekt

YL Raisa

Hallo, wir sind Raisa und Alex. Gerne helfen wir Ihnen mit den Informationen, die Sie für Ihren Aufenthalt in Finnland benötigen sollten. Hier sind OH73ELK Facebook und YouTube.

YL Raisa hat ihre erste Schritte in Ham Radio als Second Operator bei OH73ELK gemacht, inzwischen schon die Prüfung bestanden und begeistert von unserem Hobby - einen eigenen Youtube Channel gegründet: Ham Radio Step by Step

Neben unseren allgemeinen Amateurfunk-Aktivitäten sind wir im ARDF oder Amateurfunkpeilen aktiv (s. unseren Videofilm dazu, auf Deutsch). Wir nehmen an internationalen Wettbewerben bei diesem experimentierfreudigem Sport teil, der technisches Wissen und Fitness verbindet.

73 vom Land der Elche und Seen,

P.S.: Der Elch ist eines der Nationalsymbole Finnlands. Das neue Rufzeichen OH73ELK soll an dieses schöne Tier erinnern.