SUPing in the middle of nowhere

This year we came to the ELK in summer instead of early spring and it was amazing. Because the lakes were not frozen this year, we were able to do sports like swimming and SUPing which was very nice. I think that nothing can compare to SUPing on a very still lake in the middle of nowhere. As for the Hamradio part, I believe there are very few stations comparable to the ELK of course the S0 noise and quite good equipment. At the time the propagation to NA was

not the best so I was mainly focusing on working EU and AS with which I had a lot of success. It is worth mentioning that working JA stations from ELK is almost like working EU, sometimes they are even stronger of course at the time of my stay the propagation was also very good. I look forward to another visit at the ELK.

73, Nejc S56NE