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New classy CW key at the OH73ELK Shack

A nice gift from our guest from Belgium, OO7J. Thank you, Christoph!

15 June 2019
News from our Shack Library

Thanks to our German Guest Ric DL2VFR for the great present - all his famous books about Ham Radio (DARC Verlag)! These books will be available in OH73ELK Shack forever!

23 April 2019
First Time in СQ WPX CONTEST as "MULTI-ONE"!

 Here is a short movie report from YL RAISA

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06 April 2019
Mini Music Studio of OH73ELK

For our guests who want to make some music in between Work On the Air ;-)

05 February 2019
ELKs come for a visit OH73ELK

Three unlicensed Elks wanted to work on the Air as DX operators of OH73ELK !

YL Raisa made a video, how they are swimmimg to our island 

26 November 2018