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OH73ELK it is now equipped with VHF rig, antennas and accessories, TNX to Ralf DG5NGS! Will it be possible to use Aurora for VHF QSOs ? TNX to all our guests who are helping ELK become better and reflecting more aspects of our great hobby

02 April 2024
Contesting despite 60+ cm of snow

"never had so much snow in my life",said Michael DL6MHW who came with XYL Andrea DL3ABL. Despite the snowdrifts, they managed to hang their own 160m ant, to take part in CQ WW 160 (our own 160m InvV is only for CW). Now Michael&Andrea plan to participate in ARRL DX with our Contest Call OG7Z

26 February 2024

A QRZ picture "drawn" on ice by YL Raisa is from last winter. But nature looks the same now: frost and snow. For all questions about visiting ELK in 2024, you can contact us at: ! Welcome to the Lakeland in South-Eastern Finland!

12 January 2024
Rene DL2JRM & Anett DO6XX in ELK again

They enjoy the sunny and warm weather. Also space weather did not disappoint - they saw the Northern Lights above the lake. Rene did more than 3000 CW QSO as OH73ELK and plans to take part in Scandinavian Activity Contest as OG7Z

12 September 2023
the case when DX is visiting you

During the last QSO with him from Antarctica, he said that he missed the trees :) Now they are enough! Sebastian (Seba) SQ1SGB who often works from Antarctica visited ELK cottage with his brother for a week.

15 August 2023