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OH73ELK is QRV again !

Finally, ham guests at our island! After a long covid-break came Ric DL2VFR with family. He will be QRV until the end of July on all bands as OH73ELK and OH/DL2VFR, including, portable activating several new Flora Fauna points nearby! Everyone, who needs a QSO with our station for the ELK-AWARD - catch Ric! He will mostly work CW.

17 July 2020

It was a challenge for YL Raisa to work in this Contest as Single Operator Low Power with the "difficult" Call OH73ELK. Our short Call OG7Z would match better but she likes Elks ;-) Hopefully before the next CQ WW Contests 2020 all Corona Virus restrictions will be canceled and our station will take part again, may be still as OG7Z ;-)

03 April 2020
On Air from Finnish Sauna ?!

SAUNA SHACK? A new idea and future option for our Ham Guests! In the Sauna building there is a separate isolated room, where we plan to install an additional small Shack, with a folding sofa for those who (in summer) want to sleep there at night. We will do next steps to implement this idea in Summer 2020 (installation of antennas and equipment there).

28 February 2020
Our new "thickened" GP for 40 meter band

This special Ground Plane antenna consists of eight wires vertical element 20 cm diameter and 12 m. long, capacitor for reactive compensation in series with the vertical element; 4 wires horizontally symmetrical resonant counterpoises 3 m. above ground. So that Elks can freely pass under it :-) SWR less than 1:1.1 in the range 7.0 to 7.3 MHz. Thanks to RA1AMO for help.

08 February 2020
Our Site's Сhef is preparing for new challenges

This is our friend and a very brave man Yuri Zagranichny. It was he who made this main site of OH73ELK! And after hard work, he cooled a little in the lake directly opposite the ELK's Sauna. By the way, in 2020, Yuri plans to manage it so that everyone can see here online when YL Raisa or our Ham guests go On Air from OH73ELK Shack and on what frequency!

28 December 2019