Elk Award

The ELK AWARD is printed on high-quality thick paper in the printing house with the OH73ELK silver stamping (first 100 Awards) and OH73ELK Callsign as Hologram starting at Award number 101.

It is available to Amateur Radio Operators and SWLs in all countries of the world.

Founded in honor of one of the national symbols of Finland – the Elk (also called Moose).

Managed by YL Raisa, Second Operator of OH73ELK (own call UB1AOA).


This Award is available for contacts with 10 OH Stations in 10 different call areas of Finland (from “0”to “9”) + 1 QSO with OH73ELK.

It means: 11 QSO are needed. Any band or mode, no time limit.

Costs/special condition

The ELK decided to continue the sponsoring of the Second Hundred of AWARDs, incl. mailing fee.

You get the AWARDs signed by YL Raisa DIRECTLY from Finland to your home.

Please send the E-application by our Email. You do not need to print or scan anything: Electronic application as Attach is enough!

In the Email subject please write ELK AWARD + your CALL + electronic OR printed Version you want!

In the case you want to have the printed version please write your current home address.

The ELK needs your help: please share the link to the ELK Award page https://oh73elk.net/page/elk-award on your own site (social networks or QRZ.COM).  May be you can publish also the photo (see below).

If you decided to help, please indicate in your Email where you published the link. Thank you!

Download ELK Award Application form