The best cottage in Finland!

My parents and I were there for three full days (two days of travelling and three in the cottage). The trip from Helsinki airport to the cottage was very scenic. The island and the cottage itself are awesome. The nature is outstanding. There are lakes everywhere and because we were there in April the lakes were still frozen which in my opinion, is even better :)  On the HAM side of the vacation, the OB 11-3 and 100w allowed me to do 1700 QSO in 3 days, which i did as follows:

(1300 QSO on OH/S56NE and 400 QSO on OH73ELK)

I was working big pileups even without the amp!

During our stay there was a big opening to VK/ZL Long path and I was receiving 59+ reports from those dx stations.

A big plus of this QTH is the QRM free environment.

Right there at the ELK Island I celebrated my thirteenth birthday :-) 

We had a wonderful time.

73, Nejc S56NE