The sauna stove is based on the same principle as the fireplace in the house. However, there is no flap (gate) in the chimney pipe. Beware of overheating: the sauna heats up very quickly. (one pack of firewood brings the temperature to 90 degrees in 25-30 minutes). Do not heat the sauna above 90 degrees - the Finns consider this temperature more than sufficient for a healing effect.

Maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the sauna, in particular:

When finished, please close the doors (both in the sauna and in the room to the right of it) to prevent the doors from opening with the wind.

If you have no experience of using the wood-burning stove in the sauna, please contact Alex.

There is no water in the sauna! The water is only 10 meters away – in the lake. The crane to the left of the door does not work. The stove can be heated without water in the stove’s tank.

Therefore do not pour water into the tank and do not leave water in the tank of the stove. After using the sauna, it should be emptied completely.

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