How to find OH73ELK Radio Cottage

The OH73ELK Radio Cottage is situated on a small island called Vuokalansaari. The island is connected with mainland by a bridge, which you can cross with any vehicle.
The nearest village is Savonranta (a big supermarket, pharmacy and restaurant available)and the nearest town is Savonlinna (center of the region).
The distance between OH73ELK and Savonranta is 14 km and between OH73ELK and Savonlinna centre 67 km.

How to find OH73ELK?

There are 4 main options :

  1. Personal car – ferry (if needed) – OH73ELK
  2. Via Helsinki Airport - rental car (385 km) – OH73ELK
  3. Via Helsinki Airport – train to Savonlinna (from 20e/person) – rental car (60 km) – OH73ELK
  4. Via Lappeenranta Airport (only Ryanair: Berlin, Milan, Wien...) - rental car (190 km) – OH73ELK

From Helsinki you can drive two different but equivalent routes, so the return trip will bring new impressions. Finnish good quality roads are not overloaded, there are no traffic jams anywhere, but beautiful landscapes await you, a lot of forests, lakes and fields. There is mobile internet 4G along the whole route!

Contact us and we send you special information and maps how to make an interesting journey from your way to us and back, what are the points of interest, national parks, shops and places for relax. 

All these 4 options at the end of the route go through the village Savonranta.
After Savonranta drive 9 km on the asphalt road #474 and then take a turn to the left into the forest to Haapavaarantie. This important place looks like this:

You have to be careful not to miss this turn. If you miss it, don’t panic, make a careful U turn in a suitable place and drive back there.
Once there, you have to continue to drive for 5 km through the forest.

The easiest way to come to us is to find "OH73ELK" in Google maps, you will correctly guided to the goal.

You also can use this direct link

The Postal address of OH73ELK is: Saarenpääntie 134, 58300 Savonlinna, Finland
However, Saarenpääntie is a relatively new road and so far not shown in some maps.

If you want to use some other navigation (not Google), we recommend to set the nearest address, known to all GPS Navigators :

Vuokalansaarentie 212, 58300 Savonlinna, Finland

In this map “Vuokalansaarentie 212” is shown as a red spot:

Here you have to go to the right to a new road called Saarenpääntie. This is the road that will take you to your final destination. You cannot miss it because the road ends right there!
The turn to Saarenpääntie looks like this :

The same point in the winter:

Now you have only 1300 m left to the very end of your road: Saarenpääntie 134. But as a pleasant surprise, about 700 m after the turn to Saarenpääntie this sign and the flag of our island greet you. Welcome to our Radio Island!

Further you will drive by several cottages on both sides of the road. 
Radio Cottage OH73ELK is the last cottage in the tip of the island, where Saarenpääntie ends:

Turn to the left as shown by the number “134” and park your car in the place beside of the shed:


The key to the cottage is in the agreed place.

Please read the:


You will find them at the main electrical panel opposite to the main entrance of the house

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