Using the boat and SUP board

Please use the boat only if you have relevant experience! In the black plastic box near the sauna room there are life jackets that are required for boating !

With the help of the winch you can lower and lift the boat without much effort.

In the front bottom part of the boat there is a hole for water flow. A special cork closes it. If the hole is open, the cork hangs by the side, as shown in the picture.

For all questions about using the boat please contact Alex!

If you are able to use the outboard motor and this was an agreement with Alex, you are welcome.

There are hazards (stones) in our lake, you need to be very careful in order to not damage the motor propeller.

If you have no experience using the outboard motor, please do not use it.

If you want to use the SUP board - please contact Alex!

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