If you have not used similar fireplaces, please read this text carefully and contact Alex before using.

The fireplace is made of a special stone that accumulates heat for a long time. Please note that this fireplace serves mainly for aesthetic purposes, not heating.

Dry birch firewood or pressed firewood is available in the shed next to the parking place. Use only this firewood. Do not burn wood branches, logs, or any other materials – especially plastic - in the fireplace.

To light up the fireplace, you have to open the flap (gate) on the chimney pipe and slightly open the ash collection box at the bottom in order to obtain free airflow. You need to start the fire directly above the grate, which should be free of old wood and ashes. To facilitate the starting of the fire, open the window in a small room during the first minutes in order to increase the airflow through the fireplace.

Do not forget to fully open the flap in the chimney pipe (it should extend approximately 20 cm). Note that the flap (gate) has an intermediate position. Once again: open the flap completely!

Keep the glass doors closed once the fire is burning. Do not overload the fire chamber with firewood and do not overheat the fireplace (do not put a large amount of wood, and do not run long-lasting fires). This may cause serious damage. It is necessary to warm up the fireplace gradually, without creating a large flame, by adding firewood gradually.

Close the flap (gate) completely only after the fire is completely out! (during summer, you can leave the flap (gate) open).

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