Checklist before departure

Please go through the house with this checklist. Check the following items, put ticks and your Call, take a picture of signed checklist and send it please to Alex via any communication channel.

There are NO vegetables, fruits or unpackaged food left in the house, the water kettle is empty.

Bio waste is thrown into the compost pit (see "Waste management")

Refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher COMPLETELY EMPTY, OPEN AND SWITCHED OFF (see "Equipment")

All windows are closed except during the warm season (see “Ventilation” ).Rollers on large windows in the living room lowered

The position of the regulators on all radiators is checked (see “Heating the house”)

Heated floor in the bathroom is left in position 2. The door to the bathroom and the door to the toilet are slightly open

Сheck if you somewhere left plugged in your chargers or other devices (fumigators and others) 

Turn off all the lights in the house, in the sauna and in the yard (outside the house).

Turn off the Radio Shack (see “Radio Shack”) !

Turn off the stove and cooker hood in the kitchen, fan in the bathroom, TV

ON THE PANEL: Turn off the PUMP, the BOILER (unless otherwise agreed with Alex), SHACK and ACOM

Return the pillows and blankets to their space upstairs. If you used bed linen, sheets or towels, put them in the appropriate box under the stairs.

If it is wet, hang it on a hanger! Do not put wet in the box!

If we agreed that you do the cleaning yourself, please follow Section "Cleaning"

The door from the living room to the terrace is closed from the inside

The key to the main door will be left where you took it

A picture of this signed list has been sent to Alex. (At this point, the heating of the house will be remotely transferred to conservation mode)

DATE:                                                                                                                CALL/SIGNATURE: 

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