The fridge

The fridge is controlled by turning the thermostat above the door.  Positions "3" or “4” are adequate for normal functioning. The door in the fridge opens more easily after pressing the lever on the left below the door with your foot.

The fridge is turned off by turning the thermostat to zero:

The freezer

The separate freezer is normally turned off (not everyone needs it to use). It is located under the stair and turned on and off by using the plug and the power outlet on the wall.

Please turn off and leave the fridge and the freezer doors slightly open upon departure (s. below):

The fridge upon departure:

The freezer upon departure:

The Dishwasher

For good results, please put the tableware in the right places. Do not force anything, and do not overload the machine.

Tablets “all in one” are under the sink. If the tablets are not in special self-absorbable packaging, then they should be removed from the plastic packaging.

Please use this ECO 50 dishwasher with the Variospeed button ON.  Do not forget to press START

When the dishwasher is not running, please always keep the door open so that the machine can dry and no unpleasant odours will develop.

Smart TV

- you can use WiFi and stream videos from Youtube to it.

Sewage tank monitor

- in the bathroom (to the left of the entrance, to the left of the sink) there is a system on the wall for monitoring the sewage tank.

If the system beeps during your presence, press the Alarm Reset button (which will eliminate the sound of the siren) and contact Alex.

WiFi Internet

OH73ELK” net works in the house and immediate surroundings, the password is "hamradio"

Upstairs there is an additional net "OH73ELK_EXT" with the same password.

First Aid kit

First aid kit is on the freezer.

Important remarks

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