General rules of life in Finland


Cottages in Finland are places for an easy, relaxed style of life. This is also true concerning our neigbours on Vuokalansaari island, еven if the nearest neighbor is more than 100 meters away, 

please do not make noise, do not listen to loud music or use explosives of any kind.

According to Finnish law, you may enjoy the nature, go for a walk in the forest and pick mushrooms/berries everywhere, except in places close to houses and agricultural fields.

If someone can see you from his window, that means that you are in his private property.

Please do not walk in the yards of the neighbours even in their absence.

Please study the map of the island, which you will find in the Instruction folder in the Cottage:

Red - where you can’t walk (very close to the neighbors' cottages). 

Green - where you can walk freely (the own ELK Land 4.5 ha + the forest land owned by neighbors, where there are no buildings)

In Finland, nature is not only wild, it’s free for everyone to enjoy, respectfully. The general public’s right allows an access to anyone living in or visiting Finland the freedom to roam the countryside, forage, fish with a line and rod, and enjoy the recreational use of natural areas. It is called “The Everyman’s Rights”

You can learn more about it here:

Mushrooms and berries.

If you visit us during the summer and autumn seasons, you will find a cornucopia of delicous forest wonders.

See here more about it

please take only those berries and mushrooms that you know well!


Please read the internet (for example here about fishing in Finland – it is an interesting and useful hobby. Fishing with a simple fishing rod (hook-and-line angling) does not require any licence or permits.


IT IS NOT ALLOWED to make campfire without consent of the owner of the forest.


Please, take into account that you are in a comfortable modern house, but around you are in the conditions of real nature, therefore you should behave reasonably and according to the recommendations of human behavior in nature. In the nature we do not have to be afraid, but we have to be careful.

Emergency situations

The telephone number for emergency calls is 112.

If there is a fire (including forest fire), if somebody is feeling sick, if your car got stuck in the snow, or anything else out of the ordinary happens – call first 112. The operators speak English.

It is absolutely important that you inform Alex about any incidents.

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