Using the Radio Shack at OH73ELK

1. Preparation

Please check the antenna connector. If it is unplugged (like on the picture below), please connect it to the SWR and POWER Meter jack.

Then you need power, so insert the black plug into the socket under the table (see the next picture ):

Then, turn ON the green button on the general switch located on the right side of the table (see the next picture):

NB: Please switch OFF the general switch every time you have finished operating.

2. Operation


If you are not familiar with the Icom 7300 transceiver, please read the official manual which is on the table (you also have a special guide to the Icom IC -7300 by Andrew Barron,ZL3DW).  Turn on the transceiver. The RF power of the transceiver can be set here (see the next picture - you have to PUSH this button):

NB: The IC 7300 is a touch screen / menu-driven transceiver. If you are not familiar with this technology, please read the manual.
Here is one important example: Do not look for a band switch. In order to switch bands, push the touch screen here (see the next picture):


VERY IMPORTANT: always set the antenna to the appropriate band with the switch RQUAD “RU-005A” (you can see RQUAD “RU-005A” switcher on next picture):

You just need to press one of red buttons, do not press button "F".

Every time you change bands, you need to check and/or switch the antenna! 

The following antennas are available:

As mentioned before, every time you stop working, please turn off the general switch. This also switches the antennas to ground! This is very important for protection against static electricity and thunderstorm hazards. If you stay during summer when thunderstorms are possible, please carefully disconnect the antenna from the SWR and POWER Meter upon departure or during thunderstorms.

Yaesu rotor G-1000DX

The rotor allows to turn the 10/15/20 beam. 


For example: when turning the antenna from NORTH-WEST to SOUTH or EAST, rotate COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. When going from EAST to NORTH-WEST, rotate CLOCKWISE.

Please use extreme care when using this rotor and if the Overlap lamp comes on, contact Alex!

During the winter season, at temperatures below -5 degrees, please use the rotor as little as possible.

If the temperature drops below –10 ° C DO NOT USE THE ROTOR (such temperatures are outside the working range of this Yaesu rotor).

In this situation, you can use the GP 40m/20m (Red button 2) This GP is also working on 20 m band!

Please do not change the antenna rotation speed. It is set in the middle position.

Headset / footswitch

The station works very well with the current setup. Please do not change the wiring or add peripherals without the consent of Alex.
In case you need to use the headset Heil BM-10 iC and footswitch Heil FS-3, please inform Alex before your arrival.

Leaving the station

At the end of your stay, please carefully disconnect the antenna from the SWR and POWER Meter, turn OFF the general switch and disconnect all plugs from the sockets.
Obviously, you should also disconnect the antenna during your stay whenever thunderstorms are approaching.


The shack is equipped with an amplifier (under the shack table) and a remote control unit (on the shack table).

Do not use this equipment without prior authorisation by Alex. Without proper introduction and briefing, the use of the amplifier equipment is dangerous and can lead to extensive damage.

Also, even if they look interesting, never touch any controls on the amplifier.

There is a special separate instruction for use of Amplifier.

3 General remarks

2 LED lamps that illuminate the corridor between both bedrooms downstairs creates QRM (at least) at 7 MHz. When you are QRV turn them off please. 

Please always use sound judgment concerning safety issues. In case of doubt, think twice.

Do not even think about climbing the tower or similar activities.

If you want to erect your own antennas, please check beforehand with Alex.

Enjoy your stay at OH73ELK!

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