Cleaning products in the kitchen are in the drawer under the sink. Please wash the sink and the stove (the stove must be cleaned with special means for washing glass-ceramic surfaces)

Bathroom and toilet

Detergents for cleaning the shower room are under the sink in the shower room.

Toilet cleaning products are located next to the toilet.

It is necessary to wash the shower tray, both sinks. Throw trash out of a small blue bucket. After washing with a napkin, wipe dry all metal taps. A roll of napkins is in the kitchen cupboard.

Shower curtain to leave as in the photo.


Used linen and DRY towels should be stored in a special box under the stairs. Wet towels should be hung on the hook.

The whole house should be vacuumed. If you feel it is necessary, wash the floors. (rags are under the sink in the shower room)

The vacuum cleaner is under the stairs. New packages for vacuum cleaner are on the freezer.

The freezer is under the stairs. If you used it, do not forget to clean it, turn it off and leave the door ajar

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